Saudi Arabia SPPC launches tender for 3,3GW solar and wind projects

Saudi Arabia SPPC launches tender for 3,3GW solar and wind projects On September 26, Saudi Arabia launched the tender for a total of 2 solar and 3 wind projects. These projects, launched by SPPC (Saudi Power Procurement Company), are part of the Saudi Arabian authorities' Vision 2030, which sets a firm target for renewable energies to account for 50% of the country's energy mix by 2030. With more than 3GW of solar and wind projects connected or under construction today, this Round 4 will add a total of 3.3 GW. The solar projects…continue reading →

French utility EDF announces plans for 5GW of renewables in Saudia Arabia and UAE

French utility EDF announces plans for 5GW of renewables in Saudia Arabia and UAE On January 24, 2022, French energy giant EDF declared that it plans to increase its renewable energy developments in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates by at least 5 GW.  "CAP 2030," known as EDF's strategy to double the group's net renewable capacity from 28 GW, including hydro, to 60 GW from 2015 to 2030.  "The Middle East is a strategic area for EDF Renewables," said Olivier Bordes, managing director and CEO of EDF Renewables Middle East.  Projects…continue reading →

REPDO receives bids for total 200MW Layla and Wadi Al Dawaser solar PV projects

REPDO receives bids for total 200MW Layla and Wadi Al Dawaser solar PV projects On May 3rd, Saudi Arabia's Renewable Energy Project Development Office (REPDO) received the first bids for Round III launched in January 2020. These first bids are for the category A projects Layla (80MW) and Wadi Al Dawaser (120MW).  Bids for the category B projects (Saad 300MW and Ar Rass 700MW) will be submitted on May 24th, after a couple of extensions in the submission of bids due to the pandemic situation. We have finally found out the name of…continue reading →

King Salman: “up to 50% of Saudi’s electricity will come from renewables by 2030”

King Salman announced during the G20 summit big commitments from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards clean energy. During the event, the G20 member countries discussed measures to promote an economic recovery that has been proposed as "inclusive and sustainable". The King of Saudi Arabia has made a special appeal to members to make the circular carbon economy the main driver of this recovery. Among the measures announced by the monarch to reduce emissions, he has planned that 50% of the electricity generation in Saudi Arabia will come from solar and wind energy…continue reading →

Abu Dhabi – EWEC’s 2GW project brings new record tariff 1.35 cents/kWh

Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC) has awarded the 2GW Al Dhafra photovoltaic solar energy project to a consortium comprising TAQA and Masdar from Abu Dhabi, French utility company EDF Renewables and Chinese solar company JinkoPower. 60% will be owned by a consortium comprising TAQA and Masdar, while the remaining 40% will be owned by EDF and JinkoPower. The consortium has offered a record rate of US $ 0.0135 / kWh. The previous reference rate in the region and worldwide was US $ 0.01567 / kWh in the Qatar 800MW project. The project’s financial…continue reading →

REPDO Announces Shortlisted IPPs for Round 2 Cat. A & B Project

Saudi's Renewable Energy Project Development Office (REPDO) announced yesterday the shortlisted bidders for Cat. A and Cat. B projects.  Only the project of Cat. B Al Faisaliah (600 MW) does not present the prices offered by bidders and the shortlisted bidders.  The announcement of this project is expected this month.  For Cat. A projects, the proposal leaded by Al Blagha Holding and Alfanar is shortlisted first in both projects Madinah (50 MW) and Rafha (20 MW) with Firstsolar second place, offering a LCOE 30-35% above.  In the larger project category, Jeddah (300 MW),…continue reading →

REPDO launches Round 3 RFQ – 1.2 GW Solar PV projects

REPDO launched today Round 3 RFQ following the two first renewable IPP projects under Round 1 of the Program (300 MW Sakaka PV IPP and the 400 MW Dumat Al Jandal Wind) and Round 2 of the Program consisting of six (6) solar PV projects ranging from 20 to 600 MWAC.  Round 3 projects come while Round 2 projects are currently under tender and proposals are due in January 2020. In Round 3, REPDO will tender six projects to be categorised as either ‘A’ or ‘B’ projects.  In category A we find Wadi Ad…continue reading →

DEWA receives a tender for 0,0169 USD/kWh for 900MW Solar PV Plant

DEWA receives a tender for 0,0169 USD/kWh for 900MW Solar PV Plant DEWA's has received a new breaking price for Mohammed bin Al Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, a 900MW solar PV plant.  The price of 0,0169 USD/kWh was presented apparently by ACWA Power, although they have not confirmed it.  The second lowest bid 0.0175 USD/kWh was reportedly submitted by the consortium of MASDAR of Abu Dhabi, French utility EDF and Chinese Jinko Power. For more details: PV-Magazinecontinue reading →

Saudi Arabia starts offering loans to develop renewable energy

Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) will start offering loans for renewable energy projects and manufacturers.  The SIDF 105-billion riyal (28 billion USD) opened on September 30th is intended to accelerate the Kingdom's 2030 commitment to renewable energy as well as the diversification of the economy.  The loans will have a maximum repayment period of 20 years and will cover up to 75% of the project.  Three main categories are considered by the fund: Financing renewable energy components manufacturing Financing independent renewable energy production projects Financing renewable energy production projects for the industrial, commercial…continue reading →

Mr. Faisal Al-Yemni appointed head of REPDO

Mr. Faisal Al-Yemni has been appointed head of the Renewable Energy Program Office replacing Mr. Turki AlShehri who left a few months ago to lead ENGIE in Saudi Arabia as CEO.  Mr. Al-Yemni brings over fifteen years of experience in the energy sector in areas such as renewable energy, power systems, and oil and gas value chain.  Read morecontinue reading →