REPDO launched today Round 3 RFQ following the two first renewable IPP projects under Round 1 of the Program (300 MW Sakaka PV IPP and the 400 MW Dumat Al Jandal Wind) and Round 2 of the Program consisting of six (6) solar PV projects ranging from 20 to 600 MWAC.  Round 3 projects come while Round 2 projects are currently under tender and proposals are due in January 2020.

In Round 3, REPDO will tender six projects to be categorised as either ‘A’ or ‘B’ projects.  In category A we find Wadi Ad Dawasir (120 MW) and Layla (80 MW).  Category B projects include Ar Rass (700 MW) and Saad (300 MW).  Definitely, the kingdom as taken renewable energy as a priority in their energy transition process and is implementing the plan as scheduled.  Great opportunities arise in this market that we estimate in 3-4 GW of solar PV per year during the next ten years.

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