Market Entry and Business Development

We advise our international customers in the challenge of entering the renewable energy market in the Middle East. We focus our knowledge and experience on local stakeholders and specific market requirements to design the best strategy to enter the market and generate profitable and sustainable business opportunities over time.

Market Assessment

  • Analysis and potential of general and sectorial markets
  • Value-added products and services for the market
  • Identification of potential business areas
  • Identification and selection of clients and potential strategic partners

Market execution

  • Identification of business opportunities
  • Execution of selected business opportunities
  • Assistance in the preparation of offers, submission and follow-up
  • Prequalification process in selected private and governmental entities
  • Dedicated professional resources in the country, including offices and working environment
  • Representation of the company in the country

Market entry strategy

  • Business model in the country
  • Strategic plan for the market
  • Assistance in closing strategic agreements with local companies
  • Local adaptation of products and services